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Drawing of Crooked Road by Petr Kratoska www.shadow-stories.com 


KEN HAMER – tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar, vocals.

Ken grew up in Vancouver, then travelled extensively in Europe before settling in England for a period of fifteen years. There he became deeply involved in the folk song revival, and learned to play English traditional dance tunes. He was also inspired by Irish and Scottish music, dance, and traditions. A recreational sailor, Ken is particularly interested in songs of the sea.

HUGH BROCK – flute, high and low whistles, uillean (Irish) bagpipes, vocals.

A native of the Okanagan, Hugh is our researcher and walking encyclopedia, with details of obscure tunes, instruments, and technology always at his fingertips. Hugh can be found playing at most Irish music sessions in the Vancouver area, and is easily recognized as the archetypical “a gentleman and a scholar”.

PAM JEFFREY – flute, whistle, Celtic harp, vocals.

Pam comes to us from Montreal, and her Gallic disposition is illustrated by her sunny smile and throaty laugh. Somewhere along the way, Gallic has been fortified by Gaelic, and Pam will often spend hours immersing herself in Irish and Scottish tunes. Listen for her rich, strong, expressive contralto, and don’t be surprised to hear her sing in authentic-sounding regional accents, or perhaps in Irish or French.

We particularly welcome inquiries for entertainment at Extended Carehomes and Seniors Facilities in the Lower Mainland, and we have negotiable rates for our performances. Please call Ken on 778-988-7804 or Contact Crooked Road by Sending an Email for more information.

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